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Welcome to DANEL SPORTFISHING in Grand Haven, MI !!

The following list is items recommended by the Captain to make the most out of your day on the water.


* Cooler with Food and Beverage  (NO BANANA`s---ask your captain why  :)  )  Beer/wine coolers are ok.  Please no hard liquor or glass bottles.  We promote a fun and safe environment.  If a customer becomes beligerently intoxicated, we will return to the dock immediately and the trip will be paid in full.  Also, Medical and Recreational Marijuana cards are not legal to use on charter boats as we fall under Federal Govt. guidelines.  Presence of or use of any illegal substance will result in trip termination and as per federal regulations we are required to bring you to the U.S. Coast Guard.  We want you to have a fun, safe, LEGAL, and enjoyable trip.

* Sunscreen ( Please no aerosol as it affects the fishing lures)

* Windbreaker/ Jacket (temps can be cooler on the lake)

* Raingear ( fish bite in the rain-usually better-   we also have an enclosure to get out of the rain)

* Fishing Licenses ( 1 day Licenses are available on the boat)

* Conditions on the lake can be flat or wavy.  If you are apt to sea sickness or are unsure, the captain recommends motion sickness medication at least 1 hour before departure( if you wait until you are on the boat, it is too late)

* Lots of Energy and Enthusiasm for your day on the Lake



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