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1.  Does the boat have a bathroom?

       Our boats have private bathrooms onboard .

2.  What are we going to catch?

    FISH!!!   We are fishing for Salmon, Lake Trout, Brown Trout and Steelhead.  On any given day, your crew is going to focus on the best opportunity for you.. Of course, your crew always wants to catch a bunch or a BIG ONE!

3.  How many can we keep?

    DNR rules state that max number of fish per customer is 5.  You are allowed 5 total fish of which all 5 can be Salmon or in the case of trout a max of 3 of one species.    Please be aware that some services in other ports will bring you in after you catch your 3 trout per person--   Their customers think they have their limit, but it is not their full Lake Michigan limit. We continue to fish to get your full 5 person limit.   Choose your service wisely!!   .

4.  What about having KIDS or someone with no experience fishing on a trip?

    We love Kids-- it is part of our motto  KIDS WELCOME   ADULTS TOLERATED.  Our crews will take the time to show you how to catch fish and we have techniques so even the young ones (4-5 year olds) can catch them ..No experience is required.  (usually our "EXPERT" customers have the worst techniques)  There is nothing more satisfying than seeing someone catch maybe their first fish ever or BIGGEST!   Furthermore, in keeping with a family type environment, our crews will not use tobacco products unless the customers do. 

5.  Do you provide life jackets for kids?

In  accordance with Coast Guard Regulations, we are equipped with lifejackets for all passengers.  Michigan law requires that all children under 6 years old are required to wear a Type 1 or 2 life jacket.  We can provide a TYPE 1 Jacket that is very bulky to wear or you may bring a your own personal TYPE 1 or 2 Lifejacket--such as a neoprene or more comfortable jacket.  Swim floaties are not an acceptable floatation device.  Your lifejacket will have the type clearly marked on the outside.  Please make sure it is a TYPE 1 or 2.  Safety is our priority.

6.  What is your weather policy?

      We fish rain or shine(they bite better in the rain and we have an enclosure/cabin area to get out of the weather)  Lightning, thunderstorms or rough sea conditions may prevent us from going on your trip or delaying the start but all weather decisions are made just prior to departure at the dock no matter what the weatherman says.  Forecasts the night before a trip are usually not accurate enough to let us know the true weather conditions for your trip.  It is a given that on any day on the big lake there will be some type of wave condition.   On days the weather does not cooperate fully, we will do our best to get you out and catch you fish.

7.  If my trip gets cancelled due to weather, then what?

     On days the weather does not cooperate fully, we will do our best to get you out and catch you fish.  This may mean a shortened trip or delay in departure.  If we have to cancel a trip, we will try to rebook you if it works out.  If we can not get you rebooked, you will have a deposit refunded.  You will not have any charges for a trip you can not go out on due to weather.

8..  How does your deposit policy work?

    This policy has changed over the years from a verbal or handshake of "we will be there" to now having deposits.  Because we only have a short season, we are required to have a deposit policy.  This is the policy. We require a Deposit or Credit Card for your trip.   Deposit fee is $150 per boat, you have until 30 days prior to your trip to cancel with no penalty.  If you cancel within 30 days of the date of  your trip there is a $150 fee per boat.  Furthermore if you cancel within 48 hours of your trip, that fee goes from $150 to $250.  This is a strict policy. NO EXCEPTIONS.  You can reserve your trip anytime with our  fast and easy with our online booking feature.  BOOK YOUR TRIP NOW HERE!


9.  What about seasickness etc?

    This is our recommendation.  There is usually some type of wave condition on the lake.  If you are prone to seasickness or DO NOT KNOW--we RECOMMEND taking some type of seasick medication that is available over the counter at any Pharmacy. Walmart, Meijer etc.  prior to your trip.  Waiting until you are on the boat to take it will be too late.  The goal is to prevent an unwelcome experience.

10.  What about licenses?

     You are required to have a valid Michigan Fishing License for your trip. Anyone under 17 does not need one. 1 DAY-24 hour Fishing  Licenses or All Year Licenses  may be purchased online HERE!     If you would like an all season license, you will need to purchase that ahead of time from a retailer or online.

11.  What should i wear?

    This is important.  ON ANY GIVEN DAY-NO MATTER THE FORECAST,  here is our recommendation.  It can be quite a bit cooler on the lake. Sometimes 20 DEGREES.    Bringing a Jacket, pants, raingear (we have an enclosed area to get out of the rain) etc even when it is not forecasted is recommended.  There is always plenty of room for you to bring extra clothes, etc on the boat.  Sunscreen is great to protect your skin, however spray sunscreen is prohibited. The aerosol version is not good on our baits and we want to catch fish.   From time to time, we get black flies that hatch on the water so it is recommended to bring a long set of pants and socks etc.  Just like spray sunscreen, INSECT REPELLANT WILL NOT STOP THESE FLIES AND IS NOT ALLOWED ON THE BOAT AS IT IS NOT GOOD FOR THE BAITS,

12.  What about food etc?

     You should bring a cooler with food/snack beverages with you for your trip.  Remember in the summer, hydration is important.  Beer and wine is allowed(no glass bottles please), but please refrain from hard liquor.

13.  I have a Medical and or Recreational  Marijuana Card or Concealed Carry Permit.  What about these items?

     We fall under federal guidelines and the use of any Illegal drugs or Marijuana no matter what card you have is not allowed on the vessels.  Do not bring it with you as this is a major law violation.  Furthermore Weapons are also not allowed under the same guidelines. We have been in business over 35 years and have not encountered any pirates yet.  We promote a SAFE, FAMILY environment!!

14.  What happens with the fish we catch?

     When we return to the dock, we will get pictures of your group and catch.  After getting the pictures, we will not only fillet and bag your catch, we will also provide ice for your cooler to get your catch home.  This is all provided as part of our service at no charge.  You can also have your catch cooked at a local participating restaurant for a fee.  Let your captain know and he will provide proper documentation for you to use the Catch and Cook Program.  If you do not desire to keep your catch, your crew will be glad to make sure to your catch does not go to waste.

15.   What is the gratuity policy?

    Here is the gratuity policy.  Tips are not required but greatly appreciated.  People ask us what is a customary tip.  The guideline here is the percentage is about the same as what you tip in a restaurant, however this is entirely at your discretion.   Your crew members are very thankful for the opportunity to have you on board.   For larger groups with multiple boats, a minimum 15% will be added to your bill.

Capt Dana Jr and Crew        

Capt Dana Sr watches on as Randy fights a big one!!
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